Welcome to RexrothDirect.com, the fastest and most reliable source for obtaining replacement Rexroth pumps and motors for your heavy equipment. Rexroth, a Bosch owned company, is a Global leader in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic products. Many of the world’s largest companies trust Rexroth to supply innovative hydraulic components and systems for their heavy equipment. Rexroth Hydraulics can be found operating in all types of machinery and applications.

Over years of operation, even the highest quality hydraulic pumps and motors will eventually require replacement. We have witnessed many companies try to capitalize on the Rexroth replacement business by copying the Rexroth product. These companies do not have the expertise in design, materials, and applications to offer replacement products that meet the quality standards specified by the original manufacturers of the equipment. Rexroth in many ways has created a vacuum for these companies to enter the market by making our product difficult to obtain in a timely manner.

That has now changed! Rexroth has heard the demands of the equipment user and is attacking the low-quality copy market by creating the RPM Program. RPM stands for Replacement Pumps and Motors. Whether New or Remanufactured is your preference, it is now quicker, easier, and far less risky to obtain a replacement pump or motor for your equipment. As a part of this program, Rexroth has also launched RexrothDirect.com to provide an easy and convenient way for you to search for the part number you require, verify by picture that the unit is correct, order securely on-line, and received your replacement product in as little as 24 hours. RexrothDirect.com will provide the quantity available and confirm shipment upon order. Should you have questions, friendly and knowledgeable representatives are available to provide answers.

At the Rexroth plant in Fountain Inn South Carolina, our flag ship location in the USA for the manufacturing and remanufacturing of axial piston pumps and motors, Rexroth utilizes our world-wide standardized Bosch Production System with innovative production techniques for both new and remanufactured pumps and motors. The remanufacturing process follows the same stringent requirements utilized in the manufacturing of new Rexroth pumps and motors while providing a means to deliver that quality at discounted price. As is the case with new, remanufactured pumps and motors are afforded a twelve-month warranty against defect in material or workmanship.

When it comes to hydraulic pumps and motors, Rexroth is the most trusted name in the market. Through the RPM Program and access to it through RexrothDirect.com, you now have a reliable source to ensure you get a top-quality replacement pump or motor as fast as possible to get your equipment back in service.